Wayne Garber at the Jensen Beach Fine Art & Craft Show!

Wayne Garber will be at the 2015 Jensen Beach Fine Art & Craft Show! Come by booth #22 near Wells Fargo and Crawdaddy’s for our exhibition and take home one of the many excellent prints. Specialty framed prints will also be available at our booth! Wayne will also be taking customer information for future productions.

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The area’s first major fine art and craft show of 2015 will be held Saturday and Sunday, January 10th and 11th in downtown Jensen Beach. The 9th Annual Jensen Beach Fine Art & Craft Show is considered one of the state’s most authentic art and craft shows and will feature a wide variety of art disciplines. Art disciplines include oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings, mixed media, sculpture, photography, pottery, jewelry, textiles, graphics and fine crafts.
The majority of the 125 artists participating in the show are from Florida. Other artists travel from Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Connecticut, New York and as far away as Montana, Colorado and Maine.
“The jury committee always has a challenging job in selecting the 125 artists who will exhibit at show. Over 200 artists applied and the quality of artwork is very impressive and affordable, ” said Ron Rose, executive director of the Jensen Beach Chamber of Commerce.
In its ninth year, the Jensen Beach show is well received by both participating artists and the thousands of art lovers who attend the event each year. The show has quickly earned the reputation of being one of Florida’s up and coming premier fine art shows. Several artists who exhibited in past shows were quoted in the Sunshine Artist Magazine praising the Jensen Beach Chamber of Commerce for a fine job producing and jurying the show.
The show hours are from 10:00am until 5:00pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Admission is free. While at the show, be sure to check out the downtown art galleries and enjoy good food and music provided by downtown restaurant s. The Jensen Beach Fine Art & Craft Show is sponsored by TCPalm Social, Treasure Coast New spapers, The Coast 101.3 fm, BJ’s Wholesale Club and Starbuck’s.


Cynoscion arenarius (sand seatrout, sand weakfish or, as it is also known, white trout) is a common species of drum fish found in the Gulf of Mexico and western Atlantic Ocean. While not especially popular or targeted, it is still known as a sport fish and is often caught by anglers of these waters. Research in biochemistry suggests that the sand seatrout may actually be a subspecies of the weakfish that lacks spots. Often confused with the silver seatrout, the sand seatrout is larger and more often found inshore than its similar-appearing offshore cousin. It also has a slight yellow hue, whereas the silver seatrout is more silver overall. It averages at one pound and is reportedly a good fish for eating.


© Wayne Garber 2014 © Wayne Garber 2014
Spotted Sea Trout on Black Matting Spotted Sea Trout on White Matting



Seahorse is the name given to 54 species of small marine fishes in the genus Hippocampus. “Hippocampus” comes from the Ancient Greek hippos meaning “horse” and kampos meaning “sea monster”. Having a head and neck suggestive of a horse, seahorses also feature segmented bony armour, an upright posture and a curled prehensile tail.


© Wayne Garber 2014 © Wayne Garber 2014
Seahorse on Black Matting Seahorse on White Matting