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The common snook is the largest of the four members in its family. Also called the robalo or sergeant fish, it can grow it 4.6 feet but common length is 1.6 ft. It possesses drab coloration except for a distinctive black lateral line. It can possess bright yellow pelvic and caudal fins, especially during the spawn.

Snook are widespread throughout the tropical waters of the western Atlantic Ocean from the coast of North Carolina to Brazil including the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. Occurring in shallow coastal waters, estuaries and lagoons, they often enter fresh water. It is carnivorous, with a diet dominated by smaller fishes, and crustacean s such as shrimps and occasionally crabs.

Considered an excellent food fish, the common snook is fished commercially outside the US. It is prized as a game fish, being known for its great fighting capabilities.


© Wayne Garber 2014 © Wayne Garber 2014 © Wayne Garber 2014
Snook on Black Matting Zoomed Detail Snook on White Matting

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