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Wahoo are found worldwide in tropical and subtropical seas. It is best known to sports fishermen, as its speed and high quality flesh make it a prize game fish. In Hawaii, the wahoo is known as ono. Many hispanic areas of the Caribbean and central America refer to this fish as peto.

The flesh of the wahoo is white to grey, delicate to dense and highly regarded by many gourmets. The taste is similar to mackerel, though arguably less pronounced. This had created some demand for the wahoo as a premium priced commercial food fish. In many areas of its range, local demand for wahoo is met by artisanal commercial fisherman who take them primarily by trolling as well as by recreation sport fisherman who sell their catch. Wahoo have been recorded up to 8ft 2in in length and weighing up to 183 pounds. Growth is rapid and they are some of the fastest fish in the sea.

In most parts of the range, the wahoo is a highly prized sport fishing catch. It reaches a good size, is often not too far from land, and is a very good fighter on light to medium tackle. It is known in sports fishing circles for the speed and strength of its first run, The aggressive habits and razor sharp teeth of the wahoo make them a great challenged when hook ed.

© Wayne Garber 2014 © Wayne Garber 2014 © Wayne Garber 2014
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